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Finding inspiration in family, community, and nature.

Mae Dunne is a brunch restaurant in San Antonio, Texas inspired by the home cooking traditions of our family, local ingredients, and a passion for gathering around the table.

Mae Dunne Store also sells quality home goods which you can browse during your visit.

All our products will be displayed and used throughout the space, creating a sense of home with a dialogue between artisanal objects, food, and nature.

Grab a table or sit on the patio and dig into the dishes we grew up enjoying!

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A Man & Woman outside looking off to the left.
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Mae Dunne is the name of our great great grandmother. Her life inspired us to enjoy the little things in life, such as long conversations at the table with loved ones and taking a walk in nature at dusk.
Our story starts with her story; an American woman living in Mexico, enamored by both cultures, and integrating them into her lifestyle. Everything from food to our products reflect her love and passion for togetherness.

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