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At Mae Dunne's, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our delicious brunch offerings and quality home goods. We are dedicated to fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere, where both our employees and customers are treated like cherished friends. We believe that the key ingredient to creating an exceptional experience lies in the passion and talent of our team. 

If you possess a love for culinary craftsmanship, an eye for detail in creating memorable dining experiences, or a knack for curating beautiful home goods, we want to hear from you. As a member of the Mae Dunne's family, you'll have the chance to work alongside like-minded individuals who share your values and understand the beauty of connecting over good food and quality products.

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If you are looking for a position within the Mae Dunne family, please fill out our form below or email your resume to

What positon are you interested in?

Thanks for reaching out to us! We will be in touch shortly.

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